Walking through my past

As I’m walking down this street
Old memories come back to me
I was not here for a while
I cannot suppress uprising smile

On this bench under the tree
I used to learn and sip hot tea
One day a man sat side my side
He became my romance guide

Little I knew by that time
All the world was love and rhyme
My eyes wander up the fence
An alarm rises in each my sense

Dear young, naive girl
If I was there instead of her
I would know how to cope with that
He would not dare a single threath

When I walk a bit more steps
I come near the booth with crepes
I ask for one, chocolate filled
The same I used to have as a kid

The same scent and the same taste
Just don’t care about my waist
Eat it all up, no cutting parts
And no more calorie charts

Dear young, tiny girl,
If I was there instead of her
I would know what’s good for health
And what can cause me earlier death.