Thinks I like and dislike

I would like to list some things, that make me feel good and a list of those that I like to evade. These are not my hobbies, more like short-time experience that makes my day better (or worse).

I like:

  • the smell of freshly mowed lawn
  • the chirping of birds
  • bury hands into the fur
  • making and eating pancakes
  • send some work/mail/task on which I have been long working and thinking I’ve done it well
  • surprising myself
  • make somebody smile or laugh
  • planning
  • the feeling after running and exercising
  • being better than yesterday
  • motivate somebody
  • hearing or telling a good joke
  • seeing a hilltop in the distance and then reach it
  • seeing a nicely adjusted and designed garden
  • buy or invent something that would ease my work

I hate:

  • when I am late somewhere or I lag with the plan
  • being somewhere where another million people are (if not in a rock concert)
  • nail polish be scaling off
  • not being able to find a good outfit in the morning in 5 minutes
  • when somebody persuades me about something on which I am determined
  • when I get smeared with something greasy
  • greasy animals
  • when I can’t find something
  • when somebody is relocating my things

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