Month: June 2021

The school of life

So many years, spent learning others livesStories of inventors, scientists, war criminals,How brave they were, inspirational, full of life,And me sitting at the desk and writing the stories down. It was only when I entered the school of lifeThat I realized I don’t know how to fightFight and elbow, my way throughI was browsing my …

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The number one

In all I do, I imagine your interventionI’m losing presence, don’t pay attention Hundreds times you came into my thoughtFor me, you’re number one, for you, I’m not This is the cruel realityWhy do I lack dignity And keep shouting your nameWhen always only my echo came Like the mirror of my fallen dreamNot everything …

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Not here

You act like nothing happenedYou continue when we stoppedLike there was nothing altogetherThe time between has just dissolved You were not here when I felt blue,When I needed you, to help me throughTo say a nice word, to pat my backTo hold me straight, when losing my track. Now you want my time,You want my …

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