Month: March 2021

What’s important

You’re in your top formTaking new challenges, scoring goalsAll is that easy to achieveYou’re strong, and you believe That this will last for longIt doesn’t bother you all alongThat nothing is certain to stayAnything can come into your way Failures, mischiefs, miseriesTroubles, pains and injuriesIt’s hard to even write them downHarder if they come around …

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Look up

Eyes focused on the pavementTap tap tapPath running straight thoughThoughts whirling round my head Replaying the dramas,Fighting with fears,Estimating the what ifsAnd struggling with tears So closed in your storiesAll beyong your body blurredYou cut your perimeterTo your path that’s spurred So raise your gaze, look up in the skyThere’s a whole new universeJust reach …

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