Month: December 2020

Ako včera

Stačí mi zavrieť oči a si tu zasTvoja vôňa, tvoj smiech, zastal časŠepkáš mi do uška te amoKeď noc je deň, večer ráno Krásny román to mohol byťKeby nie ten pretrhnutý listNa poličke v mojom srdciLeží, no ja musím ísť Tam, za ružovým nebomLeží náš ostrov tajnostíMá malinové brehyMôžme tam robiť hlúposti. Ležať nahí, pod …

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Walking through my past

As I’m walking down this streetOld memories come back to meI was not here for a whileI cannot suppress uprising smile On this bench under the treeI used to learn and sip hot teaOne day a man sat side my sideHe became my romance guide Little I knew by that timeAll the world was love …

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Would I be happier

If I were a bit more braveIf I didn’t fear tough tasksMy life would be more challenging butWould I be happier I ask? If I met another manAnd he treats me like gentlemanMy temper would calm butWould I be happier then? If I were this or weren’t thatThat’s a lot of questions in my headAnd …

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Platonic love

The moment I’m waking, I’m falling asleepYou’re the only thought I keepYou’re one of a kindYou’re the firstYou’re the lastPicture in my mind I’m smiling when you laughI’m sad when you’re downWhat you do, I do the sameAnd you don’t know my name I know your secrets and your threathsYou always quicken my breathsAs you …

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El poem espanol

Con tu alegria crece la miaCon tu amor mi corazon lateQuedariamos siempre juntosContigo todo es diferente. Your smile makes me happyYour love wakes my heartYou and me – nothing else mattersNeverl let us go apart.

Why ain’t me?

Clinging above river SeineThousands of locks, thousands namesHanging locked, sealed with loveSo many sould beloved Why ain’t me, why my namenobody into steel engravesEverybody clicked the keyEveryone except of me Watching movie on big screenClassic romance with James DeanCouples cuddling in their seatsThe electricity around them heats Why ain’t me, why this seatIs always empty …

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Charming stranger

I don’t know you and you don’t meMake things easy, let it beA remarkable night, hold me tightLet the moonlight shine on me You have your secrets and I have mineLet them sink into a glass of wineI need you dear, I need you nearTake me to the cloud nine Where you’ve been and where …

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