Month: September 2020

Have your dessert

Dance to one more song Let your kisses be long Dress your favourite shirt And have your dessert Just don’t wait Until it’s too late Don’t do it another time But do it now Go outside every day If it rains, sing in the rain Don’t listen to the fools You make up your own …

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The right choice

You struggle with them every day There are thousands of them Never letting your mind to ease. So will you choose those or these? When every tiny crossroad Forms your precious life It’s inevitable though not easy Not to choose the tricky path Left or right? Stay or move? Do or do you not approve? …

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New beginning

When there are more tears than laughs Something is not quite right You are one step in, one step out And thinking fills every sleepless night Leaving is hard Leaving may hurt But it’s the best option To start with clean shirt You’ll never see The sun for the clouds But you shall know It …

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Amazing Moment

Every day is precious It heats up my soul It brings me laughter It brings me joy Never thinking of being elsewhere My mind focuses on my road All my senses are set up In their highest mode An amazing moment Is here and is now I’m not asking how, I’m not asking why. It …

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Catching Time

If I had a shelf of jars to capture all good times If I had a joyistick to rewind the joys with a click Then I won’t feel sorry And won’t be in such a hurry I will let time fly And dream with open eyes Anytime I’d feel blue Cause my life was screwed …

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Invisible Things

Little girl on the street Dancing with bare feet Snowflakes whirl around A man outside of a local in Searching for food in a bin Making rustling sound We do not appreciate The things we have They’re just ignored Until it’s too late


Birds singing in the trees Girls dancing down the streets And you just walk by without a smile. Flower scent finds your nose a velvet grass tickles your toes And you go on grunt and frown Don’t keep your eyes on ground. Just look around and take a while, and you find 100 reasons to …

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